Mvurachena Primary School
A Country School
The Future Is As Bright as The Children We Teach.
Member of Association of Trust Schools in Zimbabwe

We have some places available and will be able to discuss with you
in more detail if you are able to visit us or telephone +263-227-2735
or +263-778134912 or email the office directly on

We normally interview the child to assess his / her readiness for the
required grade and to have a base reference to assess progress
once he / she is enrolled in school.

At the time of interview, we need a copy of the birth certificate,
transfer letter from the previous school and the last report if the
child is already attending another school. The interview fee is $100
and you must make an appointment before coming so that we can
make sure the teacher is available.

If the child is offered a place after interview, a non-refundable
deposit of $350 must be paid to secure the place. This is in addition
to normal tuition and boarding fees but is only paid once.

Our day scholar fees are $990 per term. Full boarding is $2400 per
term. We also offer weekly boarding at $1990 per term. Children in
grades 3 to 7 are charged $50 extra per term to cover all sports and
travel expenses. Children in Grade 7 are charged part of the
Outward Bound course fee. This is compulsory.

We supply a clothing list and stationery list at the time of interview.